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Airport and City Pickup

Airport and City Pickup

Book a limousine from the Airport or Bangkok, so you can relax on the way to our lodge.

Complementary Breakfast

Complementary Breakfast

Don’t spend a dime on breakfast. It’s on us, totally.

Daytrip of the Wildlife Rescue Centre

Daytrip of the Wildlife Rescue Centre

Join a tour of the Wildlife Friends Foundation, seeing the rescue work done daily on protected and injured wild animals.

Jungle Tours and Bird Watching

Jungle Tours and Bird Watching

Ask us for more info on Tours into the Jungle, or for a day of bird-watching nearby.
  • review rating 5  A beautiful and amazing place! Recommended for anyone with love of nature in heart

    thumb doron bereza
  • review rating 5  What an inspiring place. This is the future for wild life reserves around the world. We had the most amazing experience with elephants. Basically slept beside and above them. The founder Edwin and his team where so approachable and helpful. Stay the night to really fully experience the place. The restuarant had a sunset that blew my mind. The food is excellent and mainly vegan which suits my tastes and is in keeping with the not for profit organisations ideals. They support the local community and animal welfare. Five plus stars.

    thumb Patrick Malloch
  • review rating 5  Unbelievable a must for anyone in the Bangkok region

    thumb Sean Marsh
  • review rating 5  Amazing place doing wonders to help elephants and all kinds of animals in rehabilitation and rehoming. 100% worth the visit!

    thumb Kaleigh McGrory
  • review rating 5  absolutely fantastic; waking up by the call of the monkeys after a good night rest in a rather luxurious room. By the way: also good food!

    thumb Job Zeedzen
  •   My partner and I stayed here for one night before leaving Thailand. We were greeted by a wonderfully nice woman who explained everything for us and took our meal orders.... read more

    thumb 859marlis
  •   This place lives up to all of the excellent, 5-star reviews for Wildlife Friends Foundation. The one addition I would make is to recommend spending an extra night or two.... read more

    thumb A TripAdvisor Member
  •   This place lives up to all of the excellent, 5-star reviews for Wildlife Friends Foundation. The one addition I would make is to recommend spending an extra night or two.... read more

    thumb benpadnos
  •   We stayed here as guests (a group of 9 - mixed ages) for two nights. The I Love Phants Lodges are for guests visiting the WFFT centre. The... read more

    thumb Michelle R
  • review rating 5  My sister and i visited from NZ not knowing what to expect. Wow! What an amazing place filled with amazing people. Waking up to the gibbons singing and the elephants in touching distance from our breakfast table was an experience like no other. The team here do a fantastic job to keep the place running smoothly and the visitors happy and comfortable. Not to mention the great rescue stories behind some of the animals. Our special thanks go out to Gigi who made our stay comfortable, welcoming and enjoyable. Xx

    thumb Sandy Fenton
  • review rating 5  

    thumb Aly Yo
  • review rating 5  

    thumb Annelie Langerak
  • review rating 5  A life changing experience. Cannot recommend highly enough.

    thumb John Mcgillivray
  • review rating 5  We slept in the Eco-Lodge and I think it's worth every penny. It's located in the heart of this huge resort that's dedicated to saving various wild animals from Elephants to Gibbons. The staff are very friendly and helpful. But more importantly, you realize that you're not in some Hotel focused on profits, but a place that makes use of our money to help the animals that they're saving. The atmosphere is very tranquil, and you can meet the various volunteers and even founder when walking about. Their dedication is felt and helps the place feel authentic. The lodge itself is very modern and cozy, made up of two floors. The first floor is an open kitchen/dining/relax area from where you can sit and interact with Elephants looking for treats. Upstairs is a patio, and the entrance to two separate guest accomodations. The one we slept in was very modern, clean and even had a nice outdoor shower area. We especially liked that the air-conditioner was quiet and didn't blow directly on our heads - a common issue in Thai Hotels. The magic happened for us when the sun set. With the moon illuminating jungle around us, it feels as if time stops for a bit. Gibbons can be heard from afar, and Fireflies glitter around the small lake that's right in front of you. It was captivating, lying on our patio upstairs and just observing the nature around us. We opened a bottle of Tequila we brought along, and as I was petting the friendly local cat that laid beside me - for that moment I was convinced that this is one of the most magical places we've been to.

    thumb Barbora Katuščáková